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Congratulations to the cast of Legally Blonde!

Legally Blonde

Adapted from the beloved novel and popular film, "Legally Blonde: The Musical" follows the energetic Elle Woods, known for her bubbly personality and fashion sense. When her boyfriend Warner ends their relationship, Elle decides to challenge stereotypes by enrolling in Harvard Law School to win him back. Despite facing obstacles and feeling out of place, Elle remains true to herself, ultimately proving that intelligence and determination come in all shades of pink.

Female, Lead, Mezzo-Soprano. The protagonist of the musical, Elle is a fashionable, bubbly, and determined young woman from Malibu. Initially seen as a stereotypical sorority girl, Elle defies expectations when she follows her ex-boyfriend to Harvard Law School to win him back, ultimately discovering her own strength and intelligence.

Male, Lead, Tenor. Elle's ex-boyfriend who breaks up with her to pursue a more "serious" relationship at Harvard Law School. He initially underestimates Elle's capabilities but later comes to respect her.

Male, Lead, Tenor. A smart and kind-hearted law student at Harvard who becomes Elle's friend and eventual love interest. Emmett helps Elle navigate the challenges of law school and encourages her to believe in herself.

Vivienne Kensington

Female, Supporting, Mezzo-Soprano. Warner's new girlfriend and a fellow law student at Harvard. Initially portrayed as Elle's adversary, Vivienne eventually develops a mutual respect with Elle.

Female, Supporting, Mezzo-Soprano. A fitness guru and former Delta Nu sorority sister of Elle's who is accused of murder. Elle takes on Brooke's case and proves her innocence in a dramatic courtroom scene.

Female, Supporting, Mezzo-Soprano. A quirky and lovable hairdresser who befriends Elle and offers her support throughout her journey. Paulette dreams of finding true love and often provides comic relief in the musical.


Male, Supporting, Spoken. Paulette's eccentric and flirtatious delivery man crush. He is known for his distinctive Irish accent and provides comedic moments in the musical.

Male, Supporting, Baritone. A charismatic and ambitious law professor at Harvard who takes an interest in Elle's potential. Despite his initial skepticism, he recognizes Elle's talent and selects her for a prestigious internship.


Female, Featured, Soprano. Elle's loyal sorority sister and member of Elle's "Greek Chorus," who provides comedic relief and support her throughout her journey at Harvard Law School. Must be comfortable in attire that may be revealing.


Female, Featured, Soprano. A member of the Delta Nu sorority and integral part of Elle's personal 'Greek' Chorus, embodies sass, sensibility, and straightforwardness. Frequently serving as the voice of reason, she exudes confidence and must be at ease in attire that may be revealing.


Female, Featured, Soprano. A member of the Delta Nu sorority and contributes to Elle's personal 'Greek' Chorus. Known for her flirtatious nature and seeming eccentricities, she possesses a keen appetite for attention from men. Comfortability with wearing revealing attire is necessary for this role.


Elle’s pet chihuahua (played by an actual dog) which appears in several scenes with her.

Aaron Schultz

Male, Featured, Tenor. A Harvard Law Student and multi-millionaire. Winner of a Fulbright and Rhodes scholarships. Owner of several yachts.

Sundeep Agrawal Padamadan

Male, Featured, Tenor. A middle-eastern Harvard Law student. Was a royal in his home country, but had to flee because of a coup d’etat. Has come to Harvard to learn and make powerful connections so he can return to his country in a ‘bulletproof Mercedes Benz’.

Enid Hoopes

Female, Featured, Mezzo-Soprano. A socially aware and intelligent law student at Harvard who befriends Elle and encourages her to pursue her dreams. Enid serves as a supportive friend and ally to Elle throughout the musical.


Male, Featured, Non-Singer. Paulette's former flame, characterized by his trashy, redneck demeanor. He's depicted as lazy, unproductive, and emotionally harmful, often refusing to relinquish possession of Paulette's dog. Typically, the role of Dewey is performed by the same actor who portrays Kyle, though occasionally, it may be assigned to an ensemble member.

Nikos Argitakos

Male, Featured, Spoken. Brooke's pool-boy, and during her trial, he alleges an affair with her. However, Brooke's defense team suspects he may be gay, which casts doubt on his claims of an affair. They're unsure if his behavior is due to his sexual orientation or simply European customs.

Grand Master Chad

Male, Featured, Non-singer. Chad is a spotlighted rapper/dancer in the musical, aiming to distract Elle from her academic pursuits. He embodies the persona of a carefree, party-loving individual.


Female, Featured, Alto. Kate is a member of the Delta Nu sorority, known for her intellect and dedication to her studies. She plays a pivotal role in assisting Elle with her LSAT preparation, ultimately aiding her in passing the exams.

Mr. Woods

Male, Ensemble, Baritone. Elle's father, is consistently depicted on the golf course, imparting materialistic wisdom to his daughter. However, despite his initial resistance, he eventually supports Elle's decision to pursue law school.

Mrs. Woods

Female, Ensemble, Spoken. Elle's mother. Not terribly concerned with Elle's academic wishes, enjoys shopping.


Male, Ensemble, Tenor. Nikos’ boyfriend.

Soprano, Alto.

Tenor, Bass.

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